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Since the successful transformation of Hotmail to outlook, the company manages and handles millions of customers and it is one of largest email service provider. People reports (Hotmail down) a different type of problems on daily basis, and this is normal process and occurs throughout the year.

Further more Hotmail is not working on my PC, Hotmail is down are some common reports we get from people about the service from different areas of world at different times. Some people also experience the problems while logging in to their account and for weeks and months there is a problem with MSN Hotmail login.

Outlook Hotmail Down Today!

Is Hotmail down today! our outlook users are complaining the Hotmail problem. Is there Hotmail outage & not working problem arise again?

we detect the and find that email pages are working fine in USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Europe. Check your internet settings and server setting. you are typing the correct URL or Internet service provider issue.
All these complaints shows that people may be not happy irrespective of the successful transition to Outlook, here at we receive a bunch of complaints daily from different areas and from different backgrounds.
If you are also experiencing problems with Hotmail or outlook, spread the words about the service in the comment box below to share the problems with other so that all the people can aware about the fact. If ever Microsoft announces any statement about the service issue related to Outlook or Hotmail, here we will announce them for our visitors.

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Khaleesi Evie ‏@impossible_cut May 25First #telstraoutage now #Hotmail outage. It’s turning into a new apocalypse with every internet service going down.

Khaleesi Evie ‏@impossible_cut May 25First #telstraoutage now #Hotmail outage. It’s turning into a new apocalypse with every internet service going down.

John Stuart ‏@JohnStuart Jun 3

@Outlook BT email servers still on your Hotmail blacklist. You told them problem would be resolved in 2-3 days, a week ago. What’s going on?

Supportive Guy ‏@SupportiveDude Jun 1

@owengood recommend shutting down your hotmail account. They can probably get into that too. Stay safe, Owen.
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OmniCom Solutions Retweeted BBC Technology

More spam in your inbox than usual? Outlook and Hotmail spam filters are currently down.
@BigTants hotmail/outlook spam filters are down this morning
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Daniel Fiander ‏@ScoutManDan Jun 1

Have a Hotmail, Live or Outlook email address? Had a load of spam today? It’s down to an issue at Microsoft. Update:
Sharon Digweed ‏@sharondigz Jun 1

Serious amount of junk in my #hotmail inbox today. Filters seem to be down & I don’t think it is just me, what’s going on @Outlook