Hotmail Login Inbox Features

Read Hotmail inbox features. Hotmail login is now Outlook and is available for both free and paying customers. Microsoft updates the features of Hotmail inbox regularly, and here we try to cover the Hotmail inbox features. Which are available up to now to all of the users.

Hotmail Login – Features Explained in 5 Bullets

  • In Hotmail inbox the free user can use a limitless space to store the emails. The attachment max size which can be send over network is 25MB. You can also setup email forwarding service at your account. This feature will send the mails to current account to another specified mail inbox. You can also add images in your mail, the photo button in compose new mail.
  • Hotmail inbox feature allow the users to view the content of emails from the Inbox using Active View button. You can also see the photos and other attachments in the mail. With this active view button it is also possible to track the shipping status from US postal service.
  • With Hotmail you can also integrate Microsoft office web applications. This allows the user to edit and view PowerPoint, MS Word & Excel mail attachments directly from mail inbox.
  • With the latest Virtual Broom feature (Also known as Sweep). Users can delete a large number of emails from a folder, hence organize them to a specific folder. You have to fix these settings one time. Emails from that sender will be automatically move to this folder. This feature also allows you to only retain new messages from a specific sender or delete the old mails automatically.
  • Another feature of HTTPs adds more security to the usability to Hotmail SignIn. This encryption is available for reading, receiving and sending emails. In addition to this a quick filter is available which is also recognize as One Click filter.  you can simply filter emails from contacts, groups and attachments options.

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