Hotmail Sign Up

Hotmail sign up is quite an easy task which can be done by a school student. If you are new to internet and want to learn about the creation of your Hotmail account. Which is now also known as Outlook here is out guide for you which will help you for Hotmail Sign Up. When you will create your Hotmail account, it is essential to Hotmail sign up steps. First of all if you are new user then sign up Hotmail account. old users only go for login/sign in process to enter the @email ID and password then press Sign in button.

Now inbox is open to receive and send emails to your friends, relatives and other persons which are in your social circle. Below we have written some steps which will lead you to the creation of your account, in our previous article we already discussed how to create an email account with other hosts. Now here we are going to discuss the process of Sign Up for a Hotmail account which is a free public email service.

Hotmail Sign Up Process Explained
  • Connect to internet and open a browser (i.e. Chrome, Firefox etc.) and then open the Hotmail registration page Otherwise CLICK HERE
  • Fill up the form and enter the first and last name of your account, enter here your name, in the next field enter the username for which you want to make email address.
  • Now select the domain ( OR for your mail account, then create a strong password for your account which must be of minimum 8-Chracter.
  • Select your Country, Region and then at the next step enter the date of birth, then select the gender.
  • After all of this process you have to enter the phone number to verify a person behind that account which you want to create.
  • Give an Alternate email address and then enter the CAPTCHA code then click on the NEXT button, you will be taken to new screen.

You can create an Alias, for this you have to create a Nickname of your email account, after account verification this process is done. If you don’t want to create a nickname you can skip it and start using the inbox to send and receive mails.